Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting Well

Here's the most recent scoop:

Stella is getting over RSV. It totally sucks. My poor baby girl has been miserable, which in turn makes me feel miserable for her. She couldn't go to school all week and her nanny has a long term position right now, so I stayed home with her. Let me tell you what everyone at work will say..."So how was your vacation?" I mean, they will say that exact thing right after they ask how Stella is doing. TAKING CARE OF A SICK BABY IS NOT VACATION!!! The positives of being home all week did not out-weigh the negatives.

Stella's latest:

Halloween was low-key for us. I made sure she
was not disturbed by trick-or-treaters.
There was a big "please, sorry, and thank you" posted on the door.
Next year, we should have a little more fun.

Our little strawberry

Not going to lie. We didn't even put her in this until today.

Stella is finally back to the happy girl we know. She just needed a super girl weekend (mom, aunt, and great aunt came to visit) Take that RSV!!

Friday I'll be Colorado bound!! This will be the first time I've left Stella overnight. I know Mitch will do just fine and I'm sure by Sunday I'll be overly anxious to get home to see my sweet girl.