Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Weeks & Counting

That's all I've got left to cook this little bugger. She of course will determine when to make her grand entrance, but I think I'm ready...so come on!!

A couple of weekends ago, my friends threw me a beautiful baby shower. I am so thankful to have such wonderful, giving people in my life. Took lots of pics, but turns out my camera is bummed out, so I guess we'll be getting a new one. I tried to steal as many decent pics from others' cameras/phones as I could...

The Hostesses (minus one)
Great job Wesley, Angie & Jane Ann
Yummy Food...and wine...but not for me...I'll get mine soon enough ;)
Not too bad for 6wks to go (at the time)
Well....hmmm...there just aren't words
Beautiful flowers
My mom & I...Her New Name - Undetermined...
In the running: GiGi, BeBe, or Bizzy

While at my shower, Mitch & Dave were at the Division II Championship game. I had no idea that even existed, but sure enough it does. Just by chance North Dakota State was playing Sam Houston in Frisco. And what do you know...Angie's family is from up north, so they all went to the game.

Dave, Mitch, Tim, Geri, Gina & Sue (probably taking the pic)

This past weekend was kind of AMAZING!! "Why?" you ask. Well, mostly because I was so excited when our Colorado neighbors said they would be in town briefly on Friday and could meet us for dinner. We literally hadn't seen each other since we pulled out of their driveway to move back to Texas. But they're back in the Lone Star State and expecting a baby girl this spring, so I'm hoping we'll be able to get together more often!!! Thanks McElroy's for showing us a new frozen yogurt trend.

SaturDAY...slept a lot...SaturNIGHT...We met darling little Emmeline Toups for the first time! Congrats Steph & Thad. Then I crashed the boys party at Ryan's so we could see Aaron (Mitch's podiatry school roommate). Mitch did say "we" several times, but there was no mention that the girls wouldn't be there. I don't think they cared too much.

Sunday...watched 4 movies...yes 4...which means I hardly left the couch. And what?!

Then Monday...No school...I got in WAY over my head with chores and errands and about half way through, almost quit. Monday was the day I decided I'm over being pregnant and would love for little Stella Kate to arrive. I guess if you've been pregnant you know what I mean...and if you haven't, I don't know what to tell ya. I need suspenders to hold the girl up...SOOOO HEAVY! But I'll give her a few more weeks...I mean she'll probably give me a few more weeks.

One month to go and...
1. Sleep - gotta pee every hour or two
2. Sleep - rolling over...can't do it with out making a big commotion
3. Sleep - the dogs still think I can move around them...I can't
4. Weight - she's heavy...I don't think she has dropped, she's just low to begin with
5. My Ass - is about the size of my belly...my belly will go down (with less work than my ass will)
6. Meals - yep, I'm still eating
7. Clothes - refused to buy anything else this late until I accidentally dried most of my favorite shirts which are now too short or I've spilled something on them that won't come out
8. Sanity - Going out the window (which is why I dried my shirts)
9. Coordination - What's that? (hence the spilling of food and drink on clothes...get me a bib)
10. Thank goodness Mitch can help me with my shoes...and on the days that he doesn't...I'm usually running late by the time I get them on

Pretty sure I'm not posting again until the nursery is finished. Loving it!! Only a few minor details to go.

**Literally as I'm finishing this blog, my mom texts me with her final list of grandma names and wants me to vote on the top 3! No, she's not excited ;D

Sunday, January 1, 2012

On to a New Year!

scanner broken :(
picture of a picture - not so great
starting week 33 - NYE

We rang in the New Year very low key. Mitch and I went to dinner and brought our dessert home. We watched a movie, but I was out well before midnight! I can't believe that was our last NYE date as a family of 2. Next year, we'll have to find a babysitter or have a party at our house! Oh, how things will change soon.

32 Weeks
Christmas Eve

Decorating cookies!
I will keep the number I ate that night a secret ;)

Christmas went off without a hitch. We spent Christmas Eve at my grandmother's decorating cookies, making Mexican food, and opening presents! On Christmas Day our dads and Katie came over for brunch and we just relaxed by the fire. These next few pics are mostly of how the pups spent their Christmas...in 2012, I imagine fewer pics of the pups and a few more of Miss Stella Kate!

Excited for a mini-road trip to Fort Worth on Christmas Eve
Roxy completely hating when Lacey came near...she turned into "Devil Dog"
We had never seen this side of her before :/
*Lacey is my grandmother's dog
Trying to look innocent - not working
Poor little girl was not happy
How Beau spent the entire evening - asleep
Too much commotion for this low-key dude

My aunts and mom spent a few days post-Christmas with us working on an art project for the nursery. I hadn't found what I was looking for yet, so with the creative help of those three ladies, I got what I wanted - a piece that no one else would have.

My mom will kill me for posting this, but Beau is just so stinkin' cute here!
Even he couldn't make it through an entire game of Mexican Train.

This holiday was actually quite relaxing and I feel great! I completed tons of chores (it's amazing what you can do when you don't have to work). I was pretty busy the entire 2 weeks off, but it certainly didn't feel like it.

My favorite part of Christmas - Trees!

*New Year's Resolution - Take more pictures...good ones...not from my phone...what has happened to me?
Cheers to a New Year! I hope you had a blessed holiday and that good things are coming your way in 2012!!