Sunday, August 21, 2011

Because Doggies Love Cupcakes Too...

...and they do!!

It's not their first cupcake or anything, but I'm sure they prefer Sprinkles to everyone else (same as me).

Beau was so excited he couldn't stand still

Not much to report right now. Ready or not, the kids are back tomorrow! My house is still a disaster area. My sister does have specialized knowledge in disaster response, but hasn't given me pointers on how to deal with moving messes. My mom is coming in a couple of weeks, so maybe she'll know what to do? or maybe I should actually consider putting things away before she gets here? Either way, it'll get done eventually...just don't think I'll be having anyone over until at least Thanksgiving.

On a preggers side note...
My appetite is back!! No more nausea...just in time for work! and...I have more energy!! I have had some random cravings. I'm completely embarrassed to say that yesterday I REALLY wanted Panchos!!! If you're from Funkytown, then you know which Panchos I'm talking about. Yep. I really should be ashamed, but at this moment I give the belly what it wants. Did I eat flautas and cheese sauce? Damn straight! ...and it was good!!

The day before I did the unspeakable. I ate an entire Double Barrel Baked Potato from Soulman's BBQ (another place I wouldn't even normally consider driving past). It's contents - extra large baked potato loaded with butter, sour cream, bacon and chopped beef. I usually take two bites and I'm done. I sat with my team at lunch while having a rather hilarious discussion and chowed down. The words "chowed down" are exactly what I felt like I was doing. Who eats that crap?!?!

I really hope I can sneak a few vegetables in, but right now they might just have to come in the form of V8 Splash. The sound of healthy makes me gag.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I've Been Waiting All Summer for This

I haven't posted almost the entire summer! Not because I didn't want to, but because up until the end of July I had nothing to talk about. I seriously did NOTHING until we went on vacation to Turks & Caicos...also, because I'm terrible at secrets...Must read on to find out...

Recap of the fun stuff from this summer...

Mitch went skydiving...He LOVED it!

What a blast! I'll jump next time.
Jumped from 13,000ft! Yikes

We went to Turks & Caicos for vacation. It was exactly what we wanted...Relaxation. The people were super friendly and we loved our hotel. The beach was amazing...pure white baby powder. The gin clear water...deep down you can still see your feet. I took so few pics because we really just didn't do much besides hang at the beach, pool or go out to eat.

This pic sums up the entire week
view from our room
emjoying a Turks Head beer...mmmm
my day everyday
Chalk Sound 
one of the beaches on the south side of the island

We moved to Dallas from Plano! Yippee! No more suburbs. No more long drives to work. No more commutes to see friends. We found a good neighborhood close to everything we wanted. I've unpacked about half of the kitchen...and the rest of the house is still in boxes. We moved in last Monday and lazy me still hasn't really lifted much of a finger. I guess I thought the unpacking fairies would arrive, but they haven't.

Want to know why I didn't do a darn thing from the day school got out until vacation? Well...

It's because I was so stinkin' tired, exhausted, nauseous, etc...all that comes with the first trimester of pregnancy!!! Before you read one more FB postings please. I don't care if you comment here, but nothing on FB right now.

It's official...We're expecting Baby Williams in February and couldn't be more thrilled :)
It's been a long time coming and a rough road, but I feel comfortable enough (with reassurance from the doctor) that I can finally share our happy news. Although nothing's a sure thing, this seems to be it. I'm now a little over 12 weeks and don't even care that elastic is my new best friend. The first trimester is an entirely separate blog, but let's just say, it really sucked. Prayers for a healthy baby and good pregnancy are certainly welcomed.
*Pregnancy...NO skydiving, beer, scuba diving, snuba diving, boats or snorkeling (only b/c I was nauseous), energy to lift a finger
*Pregnancy...Something I'm incredibly thankful for, but hoping I get to enjoy it this next trimester

A couple of other things from the was like Animal Planet at our house in Plano. Three hawks decided our backyard was their new place to hang, hunt & kill. I was not a fan...It was a mom, which I couldn't get a good shot of & her two teenagers. Pics of the kids...SO loud...she certainly wasn't teaching them the quiet way to hunt.

Rest assured, this squirrel was not hawk breakfast...he was just cooling off in the dirt around the big backyard tree. These temps are soooooo miserable that even the animals are desperate.

Everyday he was either belly-up or belly-down in the dirt to get relief from the heat

What else is there? Beau had surgery Friday to repair his ACL and meniscus. Poor little bugger. He's a trooper though and already feeling better. 6 more weeks of down time for him :(

and tomorrow...Back to work. I'm never sure if I'm ready, but never the less, the time has arrived and I WILL be going to work tomorrow. I've not stepped foot in my classroom this summer, so all of those days that I thought I had even an ounce of energy...I should have spent at least one of them in my room prepping...but I didn't, so I know there will be a reality check and a bit of overwhelming panic when I arrive and realize I have one week to get it together...after the hours of inservice we'll be in all day.

Ciao for now...probably no more updates until my next sono in three weeks! There's a possibility that we'll know what we're having by then! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!