Sunday, August 21, 2011

Because Doggies Love Cupcakes Too...

...and they do!!

It's not their first cupcake or anything, but I'm sure they prefer Sprinkles to everyone else (same as me).

Beau was so excited he couldn't stand still

Not much to report right now. Ready or not, the kids are back tomorrow! My house is still a disaster area. My sister does have specialized knowledge in disaster response, but hasn't given me pointers on how to deal with moving messes. My mom is coming in a couple of weeks, so maybe she'll know what to do? or maybe I should actually consider putting things away before she gets here? Either way, it'll get done eventually...just don't think I'll be having anyone over until at least Thanksgiving.

On a preggers side note...
My appetite is back!! No more nausea...just in time for work! and...I have more energy!! I have had some random cravings. I'm completely embarrassed to say that yesterday I REALLY wanted Panchos!!! If you're from Funkytown, then you know which Panchos I'm talking about. Yep. I really should be ashamed, but at this moment I give the belly what it wants. Did I eat flautas and cheese sauce? Damn straight! ...and it was good!!

The day before I did the unspeakable. I ate an entire Double Barrel Baked Potato from Soulman's BBQ (another place I wouldn't even normally consider driving past). It's contents - extra large baked potato loaded with butter, sour cream, bacon and chopped beef. I usually take two bites and I'm done. I sat with my team at lunch while having a rather hilarious discussion and chowed down. The words "chowed down" are exactly what I felt like I was doing. Who eats that crap?!?!

I really hope I can sneak a few vegetables in, but right now they might just have to come in the form of V8 Splash. The sound of healthy makes me gag.

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