Monday, January 17, 2011

The Austin Diet - A Hot Mess

Let's see...Got up earlier than I would like Saturday to head to Austin (4:30 to be precise)...had to take a friend to the airport before I left...

Austin Diet Day 1
Breakfast - Grande Chai - Starbucks & Two Breakfast Tacos - Cabana
Lunch - Fish & Chips - BJs Brewhouse
Dinner - word - LOVE...for those that say champagne causes headaches...truth be told...I'd rather have a bottle of champagne than a bottle of wine if we're talking headaches.
All good nights start with Champagne
Rain be Gone - It doesn't do wonders for the hair
All good nights end with friends who make you laugh til it hurts
Dessert -"We should go to Gourdough's..."  Holy freaking cow...literally...I feel like a total heffer after all that...I ate a 1/4 Dirty Berry & shared some cherry bombs
R. Cope approved trailer food - Shout Out!
X-Large so you can see for yourself how XL your ass will get after you eat here...
donuts meant for sharing, although some do not
Our snazzy collection of Cherry Bombs, Dirty Berry,  Mama's Cake & Ms Short Cake

Austin Diet Day 2
Breakfast - Yogurt
Lunch - Casino el Camino Burger (1/2 burger plus fries)
Dinner - Polvo's caldo de pollo & mango margarita, but the point is I ate chips too...Bad girl
Always a fav...hadn't been in a while
Escabeche - mmmmm
Dessert - Leftover Gourdough's

Austin Diet Day 3
Breakfast - Grande Chai & vanilla bean petite scone
Travel Snack/Meal - Czech Stop spicy sausage w/cheese & strawberry cream cheese kolache

It's a good thing I had my "Eatin' Dress" on this weekend. (B. Ewers)
Who in hell eats this much?!  NO ONE!!  My trips there are few and far between, but I can't do this again.  Please get warmer so I indulge in the outdoor activities that I'm more prone to doing while in my favorite Texas city!

I was glad I made the trip down to celebrate my little sister's 23rd birthday a week early. Unfortunately, I have some crap workshop that I think is totally pointless that I'll be attending next Saturday...which means I won't make it down to the ATX for the real thing.  My dad came too, so we all got to hang out.  Did something I hadn't done in forever - Went to the mall with my dad...he still waits outside of stores until I'm done.  I think this is because I'm less likely to ask him to pay if he's not with me ;0
Went with mom, Katie, and Wesley to see Black Swan (a 2nd go 'round for me)...I'm in love with this film...It's truly impressive.

When do you say enough is enough?  Beau - my sweet baby boy Chihuahua...I swear I might break down into tears. I carry him everywhere.  He's on "bed-rest" I guess you could say...2 weeks to go...I take him to my mom's, which for him is usually uneventful...Not supposed to be jumping...jumps off couch...Now holding hind leg up.  What am I going to do?!?!  Our wallet can't handle another injury.  I've never seen such a problematic dog.  We've repaired two luxating patellas, he has a heart murmur, so add up all the shit we've paid for to keep that under control, and the recent shoulder sprain...I keep him exercised, proportionally fed, we've got stairs to all the places he tries to climb on...and I don't know what else to do.  Clearly he's stuck with terrible genes, but this is out of control! (not to mention the other two patella repairs plus an ACL repair & liver biopsy for Roxy)...WTF!!!  We should've invested in Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center...or they should offer "buy 5 surgeries, get one free."

More unpuroseful sharing...
Favorite Quote of the hour featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta:
NeNe - "Is Yo Wig Squeezing Too Tight on Your Head?!" in reference to Kim being a "Crazy Bitch"
I can't wait to use this.  Ahahaha!!!!!  Such trash these shows are, but whoevencares.  I can never get enough Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Atlanta.  It cracks me up how insane these women are!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'll travel like Hemingway

I survived my first week back to work in 2011 without injury.  My body hates 5am, but I'm hoping it has adjusted enough that this next week will be better.  There wasn't much that wasn't perfect about this weekend.  There were no expectations.  There was nothing on our agenda.  We just relaxed!  These are the simple things that I cherish. 
Contrary to above...Friday started off a little rowdy when I decided to take Beau to the vet after work.  When we came of home on Christmas Eve, little Beau was hurting...from what we didn't know.  When we picked him up he yelped, which is so unlike him.  He's a holder.  Loves to be held.  Thinking it might be his shoulder (bc that seemed to be where the pain was coming from), I gave him some pain meds (yes, we have a dog pharmacy at home).  He basically has been okay for the last couple weeks.  Only occasional complaints.  But as is our daily routine...I pull up to the house, get the dogs and head off to the park.  As soon as I opened the door, he was crying...all the way up the walk toward the car he cried.  Now this is Beau we're talking about...the BIGGEST BABY ever.  I truly think he gets his feelings hurt sometimes and takes in personally.  So we drove to the park.  I figured he would be fine when we got there.  He laid in the seat next to me with his head down...this NEVER happens...He hates to ride by himself...He only rides in a lap.
Poor baby came home very sedated with tongue hanging out for hours.
So off we went to the vet.  There, she manipulated his whole body to find the source of the pain...neck and shoulder was the location...He was PISSED!!!  So after that he wouldn't cooperate and had to be sedated for X-Rays.  Here's the deal...he's had plenty of x-rays before w/o sedation...this wasn't any different, but he was being a little turd.  I guess I would be too.  We've done this before...gone to have x-rays to find nothing...just TLC, rest and pain meds...and so it is again this way.  We'll go back in 3 weeks...until then, Mitch can't stand it, but the vet said...kennel him for three weeks all the time unless he's sitting with us, even if he acts fine.  I'll do what she says b/c I'm so drained from vet cost it's ridiculous!  The dogs' health coverage is better than mine!  Needless to say, I'm done with dog drama.  I'm praying that he doesn't have early signs of degenerative disc disease.  There wasn't anything on the x-ray to suggest much, but a slight narrowing of the spine towards his neck.  So for now, he's not getting a CT to find out.  

The rest of our weekend was perfect though!!
We snuggled up to watch movies all weekend, trying to keep warm as the temperatures dropped.  I probably had a few too many Chai teas.  Saturday night we made it out to visit a friend who was in town from Rhode Island and good times were had at Ryan's place.  Met a few new faces, which is always fun.  Aaron was in town for residency interviews which Mitch will be conducting next weekend as well.  Although they're not residents anymore (thank God), they are still associated with residency programs, so they get to interview incoming prospectives.  The great part about working with residents is that Mitch gets to teach, residents get to assist...which usually works in the good doctor's favor.  Less work for him.
Sunday, we soaked up every minute of sleeping in that we could!  It's so easy to lay in bed forever when it's raining!  The winter weather arrived mid-morning...this called for more movies and chai...then SNOW!!! There's not a single thing I can think of that makes me not like snow.  Now, if it was -2 out and I was in the middle of North Dakota, I might have a different opinion, but I completely appreciate it's beauty.  It makes winter feel more real.  Now if only the wet roads would freeze so I could extend my weekend one more day.  Here's to hoping.

So for now, I bid you adieu and leave you with this.  I wish I could go back in time and travel with Hemingway.  His writing always draws me in.  I'm not sure exactly what it is.  You should give him a try.