Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Is Here!!

I'm loving this gorgeous cool weather!!! High's in the 60s or cooler...YES PLEASE!!!  I can't get enough of Pandora Michael Buble Holiday.  Thanksgiving went off without a hitch.  Everyone came to my house...all 8 of us. (We've got ten, but my fabulous aunts live all the way in sunny St. Pete & can't come for every holiday).  My family is so small it seems these days.  We're working on that though ;0

I could hardly wait to put up our Christmas lights and tree.  We haven't done either since we got married because we are always gone around the holidays.  I just never thought it was worth the time and effort if I wasn't going to be able to enjoy it on actual Christmas day.  I kind of told everyone if they wanted to see us on Christmas, they'd have to come to our house.  I still need to put our wreath and decorations around the door, so I don't have pics of outside yet.  Our tree is all I can offer right now...Which I'm in LOVE with.  Happy Holidays to all :)

Turquoise, Silver, & Peacocks

Looks like a Zeta themed tree to me :)

These drink holders are fantastic!!  A lovely GJ friend made them...She's so creative!  I was saving them for gifts, but too many people wanted to one, so I just gave them out...Thanks Jess!!
This has nothing to do with the holidays...Katie spent hours working on this Henna design on my hand.  My kids loved it...Probably not a good idea, but whoevencares!


  1. Hey! Your tree looks great! Glad everything went well at Thanksgiving. Love the hand art, Leslie.

  2. Glad it's letting you post comments now!