Saturday, May 14, 2011

There went my...

"I'll be on the Beach in Mexico next Week Diet."

In-N-Out Burger comes to Texas
First locations - Frisco & Allen
Bad thing about it - 5 minutes from my house

Thank you In-N-Out Burger for coming to Texas...I've felt like I've had a rock in my stomach all day. Looking's been two years and two months since my last Double Double in Vegas. I won't go on their website to find out nutrition info on a Double Double Animal Style with a small fry and a strawberry shake. I'm guessing 3 days worth of calories? It induced a 3 hour nap immediately following as well - or maybe that was just "End of School Year" exhaustion talking. I swore up and down that I wouldn't go for at least a couple of months so the newness could die down, but I didn't. We got up this morning at 9 and headed out the door half an hour later. Wait time including receiving our food - 30 minutes. Not bad. Yesterday we drove by and asked how long the wait was...they told us 2 hours. YIKES! Hence the reason for "Brunch Burgers" today. Is it worth it? Decide for yourself. The only problem I had was that Mitch and I got the same thing and mine had WAY too much sauce...his was perfect.

In-N-Out has invaded the Metroplex
many locations to come

This week I'll get myself in check with leafy greens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I might throw in a few grapes for hunger pangs.

Mexico - 1 week!

*and Hawaii might have just turned into Italy. My guess is that people plan vacations well in advance. Us on the other hand...We're going somewhere(?) in July and we still can't decide!

Amalfi Coast & Rome vs Big Island & Oahu- how does one decide?


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