Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Want to Wear a Coat!

Dear Winter Weather,

Where are you? Global warming you say? What's that? I hear it doesn't exist. Oh, those people don't know what they're talking about? That's what I thought!

Missing You,

The Girl Who Wants to Wear a Coat in December!
*and her friend who hung Christmas lights wearing shorts & a t-shirt
*maybe I should move (that's what readers will say)

There's something about Western Colorado that I love. Those who know me well, know that when we first arrived there I didn't think I'd ever grow to like it! Whether it's the slow pace, high desert mountains, good memories, or the people, I don't know. But I was so happy to visit Grand Junction recently for a quick trip. My dear, sweet friend Rebecca, had the great idea of getting back together with our book club and we made it happen. As soon as I saw the Rockies, I was thrilled! Colorado is one of my favorite places and I needed a break. We drove from Denver to GJ in perfect weather. The weekend was just what I needed. Catching up with friends, hiking, relaxing all day with no expectations (and no baby to attend to!!!!!) was the perfect mini getaway for me.
*Thanks Terri & Susan for putting us up...putting up with first one! We behaved :)

at Beaver Creek

view of the Bookcliffs from my bedroom at Terri's

pretty evening sky

part of the gang...we missed everyone who couldn't make it

Stella LOVED Thanksgiving. She is very much into food right now, so it was interesting to see which table foods she liked. Well, turns out the girl doesn't say "no" to anything, except bananas (it's a phase). She gobbled up her turkey like a pro!!

Our little 9+ month old angel is pretty darn awesome. She's into everything and keeps us on our toes. Her laugh is infectious and thinks pretty much anything is funny right now. The only tears you see are the crocodile ones - post meal when we say "all gone." We're working on signing with her and she can sign "more," but today she just turned her head away and screamed when she didn't get something immediately. We'll keep working on it.

9 Month Stella Stats
-19lbs + (hasn't gained much in the last 6 weeks)
-28" long
-eats like a champ
-holds her bottle by herself
-likes mommy's earrings
-looks more and more like daddy every day
-says "dada"
-wants to see everyone's teeth
-working on waving bye-bye
-shy around strangers
-obviously crawling & lots of cruising
-likes remotes
-has two bottom teeth

Loving this holiday season. Such a special time. Can't wait for Winter Break and Christmas to be here!!

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