Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall 20ten

We started off right with the Arkansas/Alabama game...which we totally should've won, but choked!
Pre-game Excitement!

Post game disappointment - cheered up by Hog Haus food!
Fayetteville is such a beautiful place.  Found a new rooftop wine bar on Dickson Street...might be our new favorite place as long as the weather cooperates.  Mitch has seen his name on the walk plenty of times, but never has taken a picture with it...

Barb - I'll cheer on the Hogs...UNLESS they play TEXAS.
Mitch - I'll always cheer on the Hogs...and ABSOLUTELY no one else!

School started off right for Barb - Back into the swing of things...this year has been the best I've had in a while.  Thinking about getting my masters in educational administration...not sure I want to stay in education forever?  This will be my 5th year in the classroom...I want out...and I want more.  What about corporate America?  Could I even get a job out there?  I want to travel...and get paid to do it...and I don't mean travel around the U.S....send me out of the country a bit.  This girl is not meant to sit on her behind watching the world go by.'s an oldie, but a goodie

Mitch: 3rd year practicing podiatry - I'm super busy and the future looks promising.  This is the right place for me to be.  Glad to be back in the Metroplex.  Only concern - they're about to take away ankle privileges in Texas...Pretty sure I didn't work my tail off getting my ankle numbers in residency and even now to get certified to do ankles for this to be happening.  Gotta fight for this!  Check North Texas Foot and Ankle out.  In the area?  Feet/Ankles hurt?  Come see me!

Upcoming Williams' Events
Arkansas/Ole Miss (Mitch & his dad)
New York over Halloween (Barb & Mitch) - Mitch has a conference & Barb's just there to have fun...haven't been for over 5 years!! Super excited!  Sammy's Noodle Shop - Watch Out!

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