Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summer 2010

As I write our first blog...Mitch just brought be breakfast (ok's kinda late, but we slept in)...LOVE HIM!!

Summer 2010...Mitch turned 40!  Thanks to my mom, sister, and Wade for helping put together a fun little tapas party!  Here's to blue teeth - we used an entire bottle of blue dye for that cake!  And Wade took us skeet shooting...pretty fun...I'm still not convinced we need a gun.

Happy Birthday Mitchell!

We went camping in Lake City, Colorado with our GJ friends Ben and Terri!  We camped near the base of Redcloud and hiked Handies Peak (which I didn't accomplish - my slow self will have to get an earlier start next time...just motivation to get in shape).  It was our first attempt at a 14er and storms come by noon, so you've gotta be headed back down before then.  It's amazing that it can be sunny at 11am and within minutes, clouds, lightning, and hail can come down on you.  It was absolutely beautiful though.  So glad our friends brought 4wheelers because it makes it so much easier to get around the side of a cliff.  We made our initial assent up the mountain in the the dark...wouldn't suggest that.  Didn't take a shower for 5 days.  I got an e-mail from Terri a few days later saying she had to wash her hair a few times before she got the funk out...I replied back - "I washed three or four times and my hair still wasn't quite right!" Hopefully we'll do this every year.  Colorado is probably one place that I have to have a little of every year.

Making way towards Handies Peak


It was incredibly green up there

Our camping buddies

Lots of run-off...and not exactly warm either

A momma moose and her kiddos...two?  are we sure they both belong to her?

From 13,500ft

Lake San Cristobal (Lake City, CO)

My lovely GJ (now Denver) friend Rebecca came to Austin to visit Alicia and I!  I tried to show them a "Texas" good time...River Rafting, Mexican food, BBQ, Austin stuff - specifically as much as we could that had to do with trailers (G'Raj Mahal & Hey Cupcake), SOCO, Mt. Bonnell, Whole Foods, The Salt Lick (which I might say is a little overrated), Flores, 6th Street because who can visit Austin w/o seeing it's craziness, etc...

Lemonade at the Salt Lick

Trailer Food - G'Raj Majal (awesome Indian food)

I went to Florida to see my aunts with my mom and sister.  We also celebrated my mom's 50th birthday!  My aunts are selling their house and bought a new one (still in transition), so we stayed at a little beach front hotel (totally trendy) and it was a blast.  We didn't have to pack up the car every time we wanted to have a beach day.  Also, mom's boat club is in St. Pete - so we got to take the boat out on the Gulf to an island that was otherwise perfect!  

While in St. Pete, Katie was getting ready to spend a few weeks in Haiti for disaster relief.  Pretty sure she ate beans and rice everyday and lived in a concrete building (no roof) that housed a bunch of hippies who wanted to help.  Yep...that's her below sledging away...basically that's all she did the entire time!  Note the extremely safe vehicle that transported workers to their sites!  So proud of my baby sister though.  She's all grown up! 

Mitch and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!  And to think we've been together for almost 10 years!  We are so happy and love our life together.  We've had our ups and downs: residency (hardly saw each other for 3 years - didn't really have a social life either), a move to Colorado which was a total adventure that I loved; he didn't.  We bought a house there - then we moved back because it just wasn't the right place for us to be - our house is STILL for sale!  The market in GJ is completely aweful.  Wish we had done a little more research on the town's economy and what sustains it before we jumped head first into buying a house.  But hey, what did we know?  We planned on staying a while.  We really loved the idea of Colorado, it's beauty, the outdoors all the time, and the potential success.  Gotta love a salesman (he sure did convince us).  We've obviously learned our lesson.  Not gonna lie - I miss it...mountains, hiking, biking, new adventures, fabulous friends!
June 4, 2005
Austin, TX
June 4, 2010
Plano, TX

But here we are in Plano...back in the Dallas area.  Can't say I hate it.  Friends are here and we're close to family.  We might move down to Dallas next summer because Plano is just a little overrated.  Yeah, our neighborhood is quiet, but we end up driving to Dallas every weekend to hang with friends and we just feel like it suits us better.  We're just not the back alley garage type of folks who don't know any of the neighbors because no one comes outside. We'll see though...if that happens, it won't even be until next August.

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