Saturday, April 23, 2011

You know it's Spring when...

...there are bluebonnets everywhere!  Hello warm weather and beautiful Texas blooms.

We went camping at Lake Texoma last weekend. Getting there was adventure. Got a flat tire on the way to pick up the kayak at REI, but didn't really realize it. Drove home in hellacious traffic with a low tire (still didn't know). Went to air up tires. Guy pulls up and thank God he helps me...I can't figure out why it won't fill up (yep...I can be an idiot about some things). Then he notices a metal rod sticking in the tire...fills it with "fix-a-flat" while I Google nearest open tire place (it's 6:00pm on a Friday). Did I mention that I was supposed to be in Texoma already? 

Thank you NTB for being open. Bought a new tire...old one was ruined and I wasn't about to unload the bikes, camping gear and unstrap the kayak just to pull out the spare. Did I forget to mention that I was BY MYSELF for all of this? Mitch didn't plan on joining us until Saturday. I also might decline from putting a boat on top of my truck next time there are 40mph winds with 60-65mph wind gusts coming directly at me from the side. I had to stop twice just to readjust the kayak which started in the middle, but was forcefully shoved to the passenger side. I had to drive 50 on the highway all the way there.

Finally I arrived at Texoma where yummy fish tacos were waiting on me! Setting up the tent in the dark...not the first time I've done it. Brand new lantern broken...thank goodness I packed the battery operated one. Had a good little hike Saturday morning. Mitch arrived. We lunched. He napped. Charlotte and I was GREAT weather considering the blistering wind that we'd had all week that warned boaters to stay away. It stopped just in time for us to go out. The boys later joined us for a short jaunt on the water. Roxy and Beau both jumped out of Mitch's kayak. We each started off with a dog. Roxy didn't want to ride with him so she thought she'd ride on the bow and fell off. We switched dogs since Beau is an experienced kayaker (seriously, I always take him and he's fine). Beau jumps out! So needless to say, we got it under control and Mitch made sure he was in front of me so whichever dog he had couldn't see me. I really need to start carrying a waterproof camera just for those occasions when I know I'm going out on the water. The look on both dogs' faces after being dunked in a chilly lake is too great! 

How do you get a farmers tan on one arm when you've been wearing a tank all day?? I'm still suffering from it! I was slightly tanned, later burned even after sunscreen. We fixed all sorts of meats encased in tubes, Jessica's broccoli salad (thank you!) and a bean & corn salad with basil lime vinaigrette (courtesy of Giada...don't know what I'd do without ya girl). Watched the sunset with beers in hand and hung out by the fire. Charlotte, Alan and little Louis had to leave that much work for such a quick trip.

Louis was so good with the dogs...and they were good to him...
they're not really fans of little people, but maybe they're getting
 better with age

Mitch and I packed up Sunday morning...I planned to trail ride, but Mitch had to leave because he had a noon surgery. Totally sucks. I didn't feel like riding solo, so I slowly drove back to the DFW, returned my kayak and broken lantern then slept the rest of the afternoon. 

I've come to the conclusion that I just don't think I can do a camp trip if it's not a 3-day weekend. It was too much work just getting ready...and if you know me, I did it all myself (minus the grocery shopping). I'm the one who knows all the camp stuff, so if I don't pack, then we might be in the middle of no where with a tent and lantern and that's it. This week I came home from work so exhausted I slept from like 7 in the evening until the next day for at least two days. Don't think I didn't have a good time while I was camping though. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On a different note...the result of sunshine and a big shade tree in our backyard...

picnics and naps on a huge blanket without leaving the house!

As for now, looks like a few relaxing weekends in a row. Soon we'll be off to Mexico for a wedding in May and then school will be out. I'm not counting down or anything. Something like 6 weeks?  Who am I kidding?!?! It's 5 weeks, 4 days, 5 hours and 15 minutes. The sooner it gets here the better. Sanity break needed.

Working on Mitch's office (his literal office that he sits in every morning and night doing charts). Pics to come soon I hope.

Praying for West Texas rain so that these fires can be put out. I know they're working so hard just to contain it. Poor PK looks just awful now. Mom and Katie's neighborhood in Austin was even threatened. Katie put in a little time with Red Cross at the shelter for those displaced and made the news.


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