Sunday, April 10, 2011

Breaks from Reality

With Chef Keith "Buttons" Hicks
Taking a break from work with work friends

Not much has been going on lately. Just counting down the days until TAKS. Get here already so we can be done with it! Sometimes I feel like my entire working life is consumed with a ridiculous test...Oh wait...IT IS!!!

Another break - Taken right here in good ol' Plano
Recently found Arbor Hills Nature Preserve just down the street
Wish I would've found it sooner
Training for the Iditarod - Bahahaha!
It was a hot day...they didn't last a half hour even with lots of water

Mostly we're enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather before the house-trapping heat arrives. Drinks on the patio seem to be occurring more often than not - A good thing in my book. We've been on a few hikes and plan to go camping/hiking/kayaking with some friends next weekend. I'm praying that the weather is good, that there's no rain and that the wind is calm enough to keep the fire ban off (right now it's lifted at the park we're going to - we find this out after calling at least 4 other parks who said absolutely no fires). You can't go camping and not have a fire. Something my Colorado peeps can appreciate - If you camp in Texas you pretty much have to go to a state park filled with screaming Girl/Boy Scouts and about 50 other people within a 2 miles radius! I miss the BLM days - just finding a secluded place were other people couldn't be found for at least a mile.

Looks like there were a few of us not ready for the heat that day!

I went to Buttons this weekend with some wonderful friends from work. The great food, music, drinks and company were fantastic! Thanks ladies! My laughter gauge never falls below "Belly Aching" when I'm with y'all. I'm so fortunate to work with people who know how to have a good time! Here's to getting the table we know you won't go anywhere without me now ;0

waiting on our table - it was good one
Linnie & I
Barbara & Cristina
Me & Patrice
Archietta & Linnie

From the girl who can't type a blog without holding a dog going belly up in her arms...I love him, but he really hinders my typing. He literally cries in Meercat position until I pick him up.

Yes...he's completely comfortable
Crossing my fingers that this is it...

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