Sunday, March 27, 2011

10wks...Who's Counting?!?!

How is it that I lived in Fort Worth for 20 something years and never knew about Fred's Texas Cafe? I mean come on now. It was pretty darn fantastic and I've never even heard of it! I told my grandmother I was coming over to take her out for lunch on her birthday and she wants to go to Fred's. I'm like...Okay, sounds fine, but I have no idea. We show up and I'm totally down. There was a great patio, live music, cold beer and yummy burgers. To make it even better, there playin' Texas tunes and there's antlers hanging from the ceiling, among other things. This works for me. I topped that off with a little lemon on lemon cupcake action at j. rae's. I'm also quite impressed with W 7th. Good things do happen. I think I like it. Not sure about all the condos, but if it works. Too bad I don't live in the Funk anymore so that I can partake in the what seems to be fun area more often. Also pretty sad that apparently they're tearing out a ton of trees at the Kimbell. What are they thinking? Anyway...Happy Birthday NeNe!!

Joe and NeNe on her birthday at Fred's in FW

I'm happy to say that Beau doesn't need surgery. Here's how we celebrated Beau's news...

Playing, sunning and picnicking at the park
She wore herself out! We were at the park everyday of Spring Break
So where did the gorgeous weather go?! It's like..." want warm weather? Here's a little taste." Then BAM...50 and raining! All I've had today is coffee, hot chocolate & cups of soup.  I am not a fan in the slightest. Please come back sunshine! I need every minute I can get of you!

Ooh...I found a great acupuncturist who also does massages. I've basically refused to go to anyone who doesn't do both. Thanks Dana for spoiling me. I would've carted you off to Texas with me, but you chose Hawaii, so I was forced to find someone else. A year and a half later, I've finally settled :)

Really, I have about 10 weeks of school left! PRAISE JESUS!!! A little dramatic...yeah, I know. But seriously! I can't wait!!! No plans in April...maybe camping? May is wedding time in Cancun - that should be more than a little fun. June - SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER! Then...Dr. H will be back and I'll have my husband back and we can go on vacay! YES PLEASE!!

~Abrazos a todos

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