Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Confirmed!

Baby Girl Williams it is!!! Not much to report except that we're doing great at 20 weeks! Been feeling little kicks for a couple of weeks now (just little flutters & bubbles).

This baby needs a name...Daddy, just agree to whatever mommy says :)

No's not a boy

I'm super excited that I can finally start putting things together for her room...Name to be announced as soon as we agree on one. Which could be today...or...the day she arrives. My vote is...if I have to give birth to her and go through pregnancy I should get my pick!

I'm loving this fall weather! Lots of outside time to come. Thursday concerts in the garden at the Arboretum, Adele in a few weeks, and Dallas Race for the Cure are a few of our upcoming events. I hope to throw in a little ATX time next weekend. Haven't been down since Mother's Day :/

Congrats to my sister on her new job with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Services Specialist! Katie moved to San Angelo this past weekend.

Until then...


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