Thursday, June 7, 2012

May 2012

How can I keep up? I'll just do a month by month playback I guess.

My darling darling girl!
I swear she has more than one headband...
I just find myself putting this one on a lot
Wow! Stella Kate is almost 4 months old already & weighs 15lbs. My little sack of potatoes. School just ended so I'm out for the summer. I'm not sure about this whole stay-at-home-mom thing. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter more than life itself, but phew. She's a pistol. Maybe I have a low tolerance for crying?  After four days, we've settled into a routine...although she was on the same routine before I was home all day - it's just that the nanny was here instead of me. I was convinced until yesterday that the nanny was a miracle worker and I just didn't get my kid. But we've worked out our issues. I even took her to the pediatrician who said she was perfectly fine and I quote "I just don't have any ingenious advice to give you. It sounds like your doing everything right." She could've lied or written me a script for a few Xanax. Oh well...

So it sounds like Stella cries a lot, but she actually doesn't. She's super happy most of the time and her smile just melts my heart. She "talks" a ton and loves pretty much everything. Here's a recap of May.

Cinco de Mayo
1st Crawfish Boil
They took me to brunch for Mother's Day
Happy 3 Month Birthday - All children wanted to be included
My Little Ray of Sunshine!!

Mommyhood Likes
-smiling & cooing baby
-the most precious thing to see in the morning...she's all smiles when we walk in
-heart warming snuggles
-reading books before bed
-SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT...since 9 weeks!!!
-everyone telling me how perfect she I didn't already know ;)

Mommyhood Dislikes
-drool - it's just gross and you won't convince me otherwise
-crying - anything past 4 minutes requires some serious deep breathing to relax
-not having time to get ready the way I want to - even if I do shower, I usually don't look like it
-can't just run out of the house to go do something without packing a lifetime supply of necessities

Other than that my new life is completely filled with joy.

Chihuly Nights at the Arboretum
1st Evening Concert at the Arboretum
with Auntie Cristina & Mommy
1st Time to go Swimming
at BeBe's in Austin
on to the Miracle Blanket apparently...this girl is an escape artist

About life right now...
I hate politics...I used to love them...I usually don't discuss them, but I'm frustrated with all aspects of it right now. It's really hard to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. And how do you do deal with it all? No one represents me, so I'm feeling like our government is a complete failure.

Mitch is ridiculously busy with work. He had to implement some new system (courtesy of big brother) that requires doctors to write a report of the patient's visit and hand it over to them before they walk out the door. PLEASE tell me how this is effective in time management!!! Oh, it's not? That's what I figured.
So, needless to say, he basically hates his job right now. I hate it too...It just gives him less time to work on his charts, which means less time at home with us. Mitch also has is Board Certification for both forefoot & rearfoot coming up in a few weeks in Chicago. He's not worried about it, but since I hate exams, I am worried about it. I'll be happy when that's over with.

Stella and I are going to Florida in a few weeks with my mom and sister to visit our aunts!! Eight days of relaxation. Okay six. Two of the eight are travel days and I'm not sure how Little Miss Sunshine will do on an airplane. Praying for the best on that one.

~Ciao from the mommy who gets to sleep at night!

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