Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clean, Organize, Be Productive...Ha

So basically I've been trapped in the house for two days.

No school Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday...oh wait, GISD just posted...NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!!!

Let's work this backwards...

I was trapped for only two days because today I ventured out alone (Day 3).  Starbucks was first (where it took 3 tries to pull up to order), followed by REI.  I needed a little Cozy Colorado Pick-Me-Up.  Got a new beanie & some socks.  Could've done a lot more damage, but thought I'd wait to see what the next few weeks' forecast looks like since I'm not actually venturing out of the house much.  Decided around "rush hour" to pick up Em and make a run to the liquor store.  We were bone dry...Now doing a happy dance b/c I can partake in yummy beverage wonder this evening and not wait until tomorrow.  I definitely feel comfortable skating in the 4Runner on ice now.  It's the other idiots I worry about.
*Anthony Bourdain today - Namibia...The most disgusting I've ever seen.  I mean sick. Ash, dirt, sand crusted ostrich egg.  "Eat as the locals do"...No thanks. " The worst meal" of his life?!  No, the egg is not what he's speaking of...rectum, barely cleaned, poop-shoot of a wart-hog.  Are you kidding?!?!?!  Just youtube it.

Rolling Blackouts Wednesday...what is this?...the Middle East, Ghana, some third world country?!  I will never understand why power must be pulled on someone who's only entertainment is two lazy-ass, sleeping dogs and the TV.  I've cleaned as much as I can stomach (which is very little...hence the reason for my housekeeper).  Organized a little...ha...just I didn't...must've read on FB that people were doing such things.  Mitch put my clean laundry on the kitchen counter in hopes that I'd fold and put it away...haven't done that yet either.  I stayed in all day until my hard-working husband arrived (I could tell he was annoyed that he had to get back out).  I wanted to make sure I was capable of ice skating/driving in case there was work the next day...I did fine...Mitch is great a making me feel like I can do anything!!
*Side note - I do plan on traveling to the Middle East, Ghana, and various 3rd world countries, so that wasn't actually a knock.

Tuesday...Went with Mitch to the bookstore...that was my outing.

Birds - sitting at the computer during the day this week has allowed me to see some beautiful birds that I don't usually see.  It's the time of year that they're here and not somewhere else and I guess I'm normally working, so I've never seen them before...which makes me think of my aunts.  They have a lot of bird watching books.

Until this week, I almost forgot how Colorado felt...then I had a warm cozy Colorado feeling of being home...oh wait.  Now our beloved little GJ wonder belongs to someone else.  Will I ever get over it?

And back to the present...tomorrow is Friday!  No work for me.  A six-day weekend.  If only I could have planned it and traveled to some far-off, exotic place that would have nourished my mind and soul.  Instead, I sit here writing about subjects like "driving on ice" and "did I take a shower today?"  Enlightening?  Not really.  Another dose of my got it ;o

...and yes, I did take a shower today...won't comment about the other days...

This blog was formally titled "Hershey Highway" but I'm sure I grossed out enough people that they wouldn't actually watch the Namibia episode.

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  1. You are so cute! I totally feel u about the 6 day wkd and travel to somewhere exotic -- why can't they plan out these snow days better!