Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colorado House - Done & Done

So we closed on the Colorado house Monday!! 
"FINALLY!!!" she cheers.
Closing that chapter in our lives.

It's snowing outside...It rained and sleeted all night.  That only means that the roads are covered in ice!  Definitely a disadvantage  to having a skylight in the bedroom...We heard it all night long, which meant no sleep.  We awoke exhausted at our normal time, but school was cancelled for me!!! Mitch still had surgery, so off he went.  Hardly anyone was on the road, so he didn't encounter any crazy drivers.  I had an appointment that got cancelled, which sucks because I would have gladly braved the roads so I wouldn't have to get another sub.  Oh well.  I slept until 11:10 instead...When I woke up, it felt like the best rest ever.

I don't mind snow/ice days, but I really hate being trapped in the house.  There's a lot I could be doing right now!!  Then I realized that I probably can't get out of the iced-over driveway anyway.  It's on a hill in our alley that backs up to our neighbor's fence, some electrical boxes and the water meter.  "Drama" & "Expensive" flashing through my brain right now...I'll stay put.

So in the mean time, I've made a list of some books I still haven't replaced with First Editions.  This is my new hobby I suppose.  I only buy hardbacks and they have to be first editions.  I've replaced about 20 so far of the stuff I really love and want on my bookshelf forever, but here's what I lack...

The Kite Runner
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
The Shack (never was 1st ed hardback, so I'll settle for a reprint)
Living History Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Glass Castle
Three Cups of Tea
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

...and I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of.  They have to be in almost-mint condition, not read more than once and if they're autographed & priced decently, I'll buy them.  No tears in the jacket, clean, crisp squared edges, no markings, no book club labels/notes, only very light shelf wear...Is that too much to ask?

To think that just this past weekend we were strolling around neighborhoods with the windows down house hunting in Kessler Park.  We brunched on super yummy food at Oddfellows.  Took the dogs to the park for at least an hour, where we chilled out on our blanket and read books.  It was gorgeous outside!!  We hope to move this summer, but we want to be confident in where we're going, so we're trying to spend some time in neighborhoods we "think" we like.  Of course, I'm the picky one.  I want: historic, cute neighborhood, darling little (or not so little) home that we can entertain in.  Kessler Park/Stevens Park is near the Bishop Arts District in Dallas.  Great restaurants, good little boutique shopping, homey. Unfortunately, as much as I love it there (which I really do) a major disadvantage is that everything completely surrounding it is GHETTO!  So, we'll keep it on the list until we find what we're looking for.  We like White Rock of course, so something near there would be nice too.  Neither of us are willing to drive any longer than we already do, so we'll see what happens.

Quick Beau update - Shoulder, neck fine! ACL ruptured...surgery imminent.  Going to have to wait a month or so though.  Poor pup thinks I'm purposefully torturing him with regular vet visits.  He's not too impressed or loving towards his momma right now.

Trying to stay warm with my sweet pooches...Hoping boredom doesn't kill me & the boredom of this post doesn't kill you..Lots of love!

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