Sunday, February 20, 2011

Space Invaders

I had a wonderful weekend spending time with some of my fav ladies! Mitch went to his dads, so I had the house to myself...which is now covered in clothes. There are at least three loads of laundry that need to be folded...that I DON'T WANT TO DO!!! Instead, I'll blog about it?!

This was not my typical weekend. I got absolutely nothing productive done and I don't even care. I went out Friday to celebrate Em's birthday. We had a ton of fun! She had to reschedule her bday plans because of snow, but it was all worth it because the weather this weekend was fantastic.
Emerald & I on her birthday
Saturday I SLEPT...what an old woman I feel like sometimes. Two late nights has brought on a drained immune system that is tempting a cold to come on. Yes...I've been hydrating myself and fighting off any sign of sickness with an assortment of meds. The allergy thing that has already sprung up might keep me down though...There aren't enough meds in the world to keep my throat from being itchy from whatever is flying around in the air.

Saturday night was Girls Night. Had to get those moms outta the house! We started off with drinks and dinner at Neighborhood Services. The mixologist there made amazing drinks. It's all about fresh ingredients. We were quite impressed with his mixing technique. He knows how much liquor and what-not to add by smelling what he's making. A classic that makes me think of Spring/Summer - Pimm's Cup. Always delicious.  If only I was sitting by the pool soaking up the summer sun having one! Ahhhh. Instead, I'll settle for the temps in the 70s (in February).

After our 2 hour wait and a yummy dinner, we headed down to Cedars Social. Only open for a couple of weeks, this great little 1970s themed cocktail den serves up punchbowls. Yep, I said it...boozed-up punchbowls. So, since that's what they were written up for on UrbanDaddy, we had to have one. Super tasty, fresh fruit punch that could knock you on your ass. It definitely wasn't lacking in the liquor department. There wasn't much of a crowd (probably because they're new), which was perfect because we (okay...mostly Charlotte) chatted with the owner...who provided several desserts for us to try. Free sweet treats topped off our night perfectly. I will definitely go back. Although, it's more of a bar, I'd like to try out their fantastic-looking menu (Surprised?).
Tara, me, Charlotte, & Angie out on Knox/Henderson
My birthday is only a week away. I can't decide what to do! By now I've usually planned a big to-do for myself, but I'm just not feelin' it right now. 28...who cares? I mean maybe I should celebrate big...only two years until 30! Then what? Charlotte and I are thinking about having a joint bday celebration. I had originally put on my calendar to have dinner at La Duni with a couple of friends and that's it. Low key is what I was thinking. But a joint celebration would definitely be fun if we can to agree on what we want. I dunno...I'll think about it this week. I know for sure that I'm going to be selfish and drag my exhausted husband from work to celebrate at Toulouse in the middle of the week and then have a "party" that weekend too. It's my birthday and that's what I want, so there. Then Spring Break will be here and I'll celebrate again in Austin with the fam and friends down there. Three birthdays...I don't mind if I do ;0

*Did you know that technically you're not supposed to space twice after each sentence? It should only be one space. I didn't know this until my writer friend posted something about it on FB. So here I am, trying my darndest to only space once. On a word doc's going to say that an error needs to be corrected because it thinks you need two spaces. Here's the info if you're interested - Space Invaders

Hoping your week is wonderful ~ Love B

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