Saturday, November 5, 2011

Onion Rings & Cheesecake

That's pretty much what I had for lunch today...and some loaded cheese chips from Champps. I swear I'm pretty easy to please, but today it didn't seem so. They wouldn't make my 1/2 Cobb that I ALWAYS order. The waiter said they'd kill the cook if he made one?? "We don't do 1/2 salads" he says. I even threw in the "I used to work here back in the day" line (I really did). So not about to settle for a regular side salad, I changed my direction and ordered a cup of chili. It SUCKED! or so my pregnant taste buds thought. I ended up snacking on a few cheese chips, some of Mitch's onion rings and topped off my lunch with a slice cheesecake.

What? Don't judge. I get all of my vitamins at other meals.

Went for my 24 week appointment this week. Only one more month and I'll be going in every couple of weeks. I have a feeling this holiday season is going to fly and then she'll be here!!!

The one and only...

Not much different than last time. But it's so fun to get to see her!!!!

Best pregnancy feeling - baby kicks. So much fun! She's a mover, that's for sure. Possibly will enroll in tumbling classes upon birth. She'd be at the top of her class.

On a clothing side-note: I was perusing the mall and saw a 70% off sign at Ann Taylor, so I high-tailed it over there. Upon entering it occurred to me...I can't fit into any of my regular clothes at home...which means I probably can't fit into anything here either. I turned around and walked out. Kinda sad. Maternity clothes are overrated. Or maybe it's just that I've worn everything I've already bought and am over those items.

Status of Stella's room: Rug arrived and the rest is still to come. The rug is my inspiration for the whole room, so I hope I can get it together now that it's here. She's got a dresser and I've pretty much ordered the rest. Who knew that choosing fabrics would be so challenging? My indecisiveness has only gotten worse in the past few months, so deciding on bedding, chair fabric, curtains, paint, etc. has been a nightmare. Why can't I like anything that comes prepackaged in a box, easy to open and simple?!?!

To top that off, I feel like I settled on a dresser/changing table...I couldn't find a decently priced antique that I was really hoping for, so I compromised with a reproduction. Then I went to an estate sale last weekend and found EXACTLY what I was looking for and it was a steal!! Not a minute before I told them I'd take it, someone else had laid their claim. DARN IT!! I still left with two fun chairs and a couple of lamps. Gotta love Vintage Sales :)

Halloween Extra:
We ran out of 12 bags of candy by 8:00! The entire street was lined with cars with their flashers on. We'll be prepared next year. Our four-legged children had a great time!

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