Sunday, December 4, 2011

Month 7

Only 11 weeks to go!!! EEEEEKKKK!!!! So excited :)

at Rebecca & Jonathan's Wedding recently
realized how NOT fun it is when you can't have a drink
but the wedding was fun & the bride was gorgeous of course

So Stella's measuring a little over 3lbs and however many inches long (I can't remember). That's about a week or so ahead. She moves around all the time, which is a delight. Sleep is getting a little more uncomfortable, especially with two dogs fighting over who's sleeping right next to me. My hips are killing me!! I'm a stomach sleeper, so there's nothing more to say than it sucks :/     Otherwise I feel pretty good.

Here are some recents...what's up with me not using a camera these days?! I never take one with me anywhere and then I end up with phone pics. Oh well. Goal of the week...start taking pics again.

A few weeks ago...month 6

The Star of the Show at 28wks
She's got a set of cheeks on her & a round belly

I'm busy from now until the middle of January, so if you want to make plans...I'm booked...except the week before Christmas, in which I will probably fill my time with last minute holiday details and completing the baby's room.

Who's ready for the holidays and my two weeks off?? This girl!!

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